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Meet the modern money-making machine. California's ADU.

Now with California's ADU affordable housing initiative in place, California homeowners with a qualifying property can add an additional house (ADU) "Accessory Dwelling Unit" of up to 1200 sq. ft. on the property. The ADU can be used to provide additional room for the family or friend or be rented out by the owner. The addition of an ADU increases the value of the property and if rented, the cost of the ADU is amortized over time eventually becoming an income-producing asset for the homeowner greatly increasing the R.O.I. for the property. 


SNOWWHT-1-2019 8.5x11-front.jpg

"Like the Hummingbird series of ADU homes, from 480 s.f. to 616 s.f. Snowbird is easy, efficient and affordable to build, while still providing incredible style and luxury. Nicely-sized spaces, ample volume, abundant natural light, and balanced room-to-room orientation, make for a small floor plan that feels  and lives much larger than larger, less thoughtful designs." Outfitted with a full-size kitchen. living room, and bedroom with full bath, the little Snowbird makes for the perfect Granny-Flat, Studio, Cabana or Guest house/ (ADU) Accessory Dwelling Unit.  

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