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The Snowbird s1 is the core living-unit of the Snowbird line. The 480 square feet Snowbird is the perfect accessory dwelling unit (ADU). In California, municipalities are required to adhere to new laws allowing ADU's in nearly all residential zones.

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Living large in a small way.

the Snowbird s1

Like the Hummingbird series of homes, the Snowbird is simple, efficient and affordable to build, while yielding incredibly style, and luxury. Appropriatly sized spaces, ample volume, abundant naural light, and correct room to room orientation, render a small floor plan that feels, and lives much larger than a bigger, lesser designed floor plan. Add quality finish materials, hardware and detail, and one quickley appreciates the results. Available in 12'x 40' (480square feet), and 14'x 40' wide (560 square feet).

Leap Adaptive Hummingbird H1 elevation

Adaptive. Mobile.

The Snowbird s1 Core unit can be built on a permanent foundation, or on a semi-permanent trailerable platform. This gives you the ability to move the s1 to any location suitable for Park-Trailer type homes, or give way to your nomadic tendencies. Expansion modules like the s1-Bed Suite are also trailerable, allowing you to compose your dream-home wherever, and whenever you want. That's Leap Adaptive Mobility.    

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