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The tiny house for a not so tiny life.

The Hummingbird H2 is made of an expanded H1 core living-unit, and the H2 Bed Suite. The H2 is available with an optional one or two-car garage.  


The nest is getting bigger.

We heard the chirping for more and couldn't leave small enough alone. We took our wee Hummingbird H1, stretched him a bit, and fattened the little guy up with a serving of a luxurious bedroom suite, featuring a soaking tub, and shower, walk-in closet, and more. The H2 is a full 2 bed, 2-bath, sized from 860 square feet to 1000 square feet of efficient, incredible style. You can add the G1 or G2 garage module for parking the Tesla. One can easily power the H2 with various solar panel and battery configurations for off-grid independence.

The Hummingbird H2. The perfect desert retreat.

relaxed. . . What life should be.

Hummingbird H2 shown in a Rural setting.

Chill on the bigger "Chill-Deck" with available exterior fireplace. Take in the night-sky, BBQ, watch the game and kick it with friends and fam, and after the whistle: kick em' gone and get cozy outside by the fire with your beloved. Leap Adaptive designs imbue modern, clean and relaxed living. Every building material, finish piece, and fixture support this design objective. 

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