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The Hummingbird H 1. The perfect ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit).

The Hummingbird H1 is the core living unit of the Hummingbird models. You can start with the H1 "self-contained" unit as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), and add other Leap Adaptive modules as you and your needs grow, with total integrated connectivity. California's ADU law allows for most residential properties to have detached ADU up to 1200 square feet. The best thing is that most municipalities offer reduced fees or no fees at all on the permit side. 


Living large in a small way.

The Hummingbird series of homes are easy, efficient and affordable to build while yielding incredible style, and luxury. Appropriately sized spaces, ample volume, abundant natural light, and correct room to room orientation render a small floor plan that feels and lives much larger than a bigger, lesser designed floor plan. Add quality finish materials, hardware, and detail, and one quickly appreciates the results. Whether in the modern style of the Hummingbird or in the modern cabin styling of the Snowbird,  one may option an available width increase from 12' wide to 14' wide for the "EX" versions, increasing the square footage from 480 square feet to 636 square feet. By attaching solar panels to the roof and integrating a residential battery, both the Hummingbird and Snowbird are poised to take flight off the grid. 

Leap Adaptive Hummingbird H1 elevation

Adaptive. Mobile.

The Hummingbird H1 Core unit can be built on a permanent foundation, or on a semi-permanent trailer-able platform. This gives you the ability to move the H1 to any location suitable for Park-Trailer type homes or give way to your nomadic tendencies. Expansion modules like the H1-Bed Suite are also trailer-able, allowing you to compose your dream-home wherever, and whenever you want. There are also available 1 and 2 car garage modules that integrate with any Leap Adaptive plan.    

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