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Manifesting your Dream.

Plans and Specifications.

Construction plans and specifications of our designs for home-owners, contractors and developers. Use these plans to permit, and build the Leap Adaptive designs. Plans include floor plan(s) foundation plan, framing plans, exterior elevations, building sections, design and structural details, as well as detailed electrical schematics.
Plans are not available to Design, Engineering, Architectural firms or A&E Professionals because of the proprietary intellictual content contained therein. Some building departments will require a local engineer to provide structural engineering/ verification and stamp off. In this scenario, Leap Adaptive provides the CAD files to the engineering professional for their use in assembling other information required by the local building department. 

Complete Constructions.

Built custom for you, on your building site, coordinated and constructed by Leap Adaptive. Your planning and design options will be coordinated and built with the interior finishes and appointments you select. Just call to set up an appointment. Only available within a 75-mile radius of San Diego County.

Cost to build.

Building cost is determined by a number of factors such as:

  • Location

  • Lot profile

  • Soils profile

  • Accessibility to site

  • Presence of utilities

  • Market conditions

  • Time of season

  • Selection of finish materials

  • Window and door type

  • Appliance selection

  • Hardware selection

  • Contractor fee

  • Developmental Fees

In consideration of the above items, escalating construction cost, and other factors, the cost to build a Leap Adaptive design ranges from $200 per square foot to over $400 per square foot. It's a broad range for sure. Some aspects are in control of the client such as appliances, door/ window, and hardware selections, while are not, such as developmental fees and market conditions. 

We would be happy to talk to you in detail about the project costs. Please give us a call.          Phone 858-554-0731


A Hummingbird H1 ADU in Oceanside, California.

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