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Brian Darnell, Director of Design

About the Frog.


Leap Adaptive designs, and builds smaller, smarter modern houses, utilizing proprietary design, and construction systems. Director of Design, Brian Darnell, leverages a body of knowledge derived from authoring over $300,000,000 in Custom residential construction. Experience, unique design, and the latest in Green building technology combine to deliver modern and efficiently sized homes.

"The lust for size and grandeur has given way to the realization that the economics, and ecology of our shrinking world can no longer sustain such extravagance.", says Darnell. Style and sophistication are shouldered with efficiency and economy in the creations of Leap Adaptive, ushering in a new era of residential design, with the idea smaller is better.


And the Frog... An incredible example of adaptivity, survivability, and power, embodied in an efficient design. 

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