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For the End User.

Leap Adaptive design protocals are founded on over 24 years of high-end residential design, and construction experience. All of our designs begin on fresh paper. We draw upon only the most relavant and proven design practices while incorporating sustainable, realistic and practical Green building technologies, rendering a home of not only high performance, but a home of style and beauty as well. 

One could spend "tens of thousands" of dollars, untold hours, and maybe some frustration with an architect or designer attempting to arrive at our refined solution. All this is made available to you conveniently on-line, at an affordable price.


Our homes may be built with SIP's, Conventional lumber method, or by proprietary light-guage metal framing systems designed by licensed engineers.

The Hummingbird H1, and the Snowbird S1 may be built on a trailer platform for mobile transportation, and when built by Leap Adaptive, are designated as a Park Trailer Model, able to be located in a typical trailer home park. 

The Home Builder.

Leap Adaptive designs give you the competitive edge you need in today's now emerged Green building market. Your clients are likely aware, if not well versed in the Green building movement, and will select a Builder/ Contractor that is a supportive proponent of this evolving standard.

Efficiency, cost effectiveness, sustainability and a beautiful esthetic are the demands of today and tomorrow. Competition is fierce in today's market, and a company levereged with strong product, will best the competition. Utilizing a plan fromLeap Adaptive renders a superior designed product that streamlines the pre-production process, getting your project finished quicker.

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