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The Hummingbird H3.  Mid-century beginnings.  This-century living.

  Tipping the scales at a lean 1350 square feet, the Hummingbird H3 is our middleweight Champ! Make it your own with available customization.

Three's a crowd.

well... sometimes. The Hummingbird H3 is designed with flexibility in mind. We've segregated the 3rd bedroom wing away from the core residence. Do you work at home? Not anymore. Your satellite office awaits. Maybe your teenager discovered their "Wannabe a "rock-drummer" inner purpose. Or maybe you just want to stay friends with your mother-in-law. The semi-detached 3rd bedroom makes perfect sense, giving the home great flexibility and privacy.


Form meets function.

A bigger, beautiful iteration of our little Hummingbird. Like boxing legend Sugar Ray, the H3's light and agile frame pack quite a punch. With 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 3 decks, and a 2 car garage, it is equally footed as a home for a small family or empty nesters. Poised with on-demand water heaters, zoned air-conditioning, super-efficient ecological design, available solar-power, and water harvesting, the Hummingbird H3 makes a real dent in grid-reliance.

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