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Start your own micro-resort.

Lots of people are building an ADU, and renting it out for extra cash flow. Some are living in the ADU, and renting out the main house for even greater cash flow. We are excited to present the new Sandpiper, our destination micro-resort. The Sandpiper is based on our very popular Hummingbird design and features a larger gourmet kitchen, more storage, a Love Loft, a party-size top-down or up Sky Lounge, and of course, the indoor-outdoor living Chill-Decks, front and back! All in a very livable, affordable, and amazingly efficient 1200 square feet.



The Sandpiper features (4) exterior skins, adapting the Sandpiper to any environment;

the city, the countryside, the mountains, or the desert. The Sandpiper is at home in just about

any environment. Check out the (4) skins below and see which one fits your environment.

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