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New Quailwood Family-Size plan.

Full-size living for a full-size family.

At 2800 square feet, the Quailwood is our full-size home. And it's designed with fire-resistive materials and details. 

The New Quailwood, and all Leap Adaptive designs can be specified with fire-resistive components and materials that exceed the WUI (California Wildland Urban) Interface codes.

While the WUI code requirement is a huge step in the right direction in fire protection and safety, there are more measures in design and building that can be taken to reinforce the WUI requirements. At the core of the problem is what the primary structure is built of WOOD. Wood framing is still the pervasive building material of residential units both single, and multi-family. Simply put, as an industry, we have been building with match-sticks and rolling the dice when it comes to safety for the occupants. There is absolutely a better methodology and material base from which to construct the houses where we live. A much-better material base is steel. Whether using a conventional framing approach with light-weight steel studs and joists (very similar to a conventional frame by wood) or constructing with a SIP panel made from steel frame and polystyrene, the fire threat to the primary structure is greatly lessened. Coupled to a non-combustible exterior skin of metal roofing, cementitious siding, and stone, this provides for a fire resistive shell that provides a safer in-place shelter for occupants and reduces the element of structure to structure ember/fire-transfer, a component of wildfires that greatly expand the fire envelope.

There are many other components and details of construction that minimize fire risk which is integrated into the plan set of drawings. Click HERE to see the component list. 

Three's a crowd.

well... sometimes. The Hummingbird H3 is designed with flexibility in mind. We've segregated the 3rd bedroom wing away from the core residence. Do you work at home? Not anymore. Your satellite office awaits. Maybe your teenager discovered their "Wannabe a "rock-drummer" inner purpose. Or maybe you just want to stay friends with your mother-in-law. The semi-detached 3rd bedroom makes perfect sense, giving the home great flexibility and privacy.

A bigger, beautiful iteration of our little Hummingbird. Like boxing legend Sugar Ray, the H3's light and agile frame packs quite a punch. With 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 3 decks and a 2 car garage, it is equally footed as a home for a small family or empty nesters. Poised with on-demand water heaters, zoned air-conditioning, super-efficient ecological design, solar-power, and available water harvesting, the Hummingbird H3 is ready to make a real dent in grid-reliance.

Form.   Meet function.

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