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The new Hummingbird Milo will be available mid-2014.
Living in a high degree of Living in a high degree of aesthetic shouldn't mean unaffordable, or unattainable. Leap Adaptive has thoughtfully designed the Hummingbird series to be easy, efficient and affordable to build, while yielding incredibly style, and affordable luxury. By appointing approrpriatly sized spaces with ample volume, light and correct room to room orientation, a relatively small floor plan feels, and lives much larger than a bigger, inadequately designed floor plan. Capitalize on this achievement with quality finish materials, hardware and detail, one quickley realizes the impact of this successful combination.

The New Hummingbird Milo features a little more of everything, plus an Italian exterior skin of stone, wood and plaster to integrate more easily into less contemporary settings. We've also included a huge roll-way skylight in the common area, availing the blue sky at day, or a starry, starry night. This is the one spectacular detail that truly sets it apart. Truly, the sky's the limit in the new Milo.

Living Smart means taking advantage of some of the lowest land cost, material cost, labor rates and loan rates ever. Building Smart means realizing that while building new is comparatively higher to that of buying a "saturated inventory" unit, in the immediate snap-shot, a smaller, modern, sustainable and energy efficient home yields a higher return on investment, as the cost difference is amortized in the way of debt load reduction (smaller land use, lower energy use, subsequent rebates, lower taxes, lower maintenance, lower resource use, etc.) Additionally, the appreciation rate of a new energy efficient home will intrinsically be higher when compared to that of a rusty old "saturated inventory" unit.

Living Smart means building a green and sustainable home which is also a healthy home. Low VOC (volatile organic compound) content materials, supreme air quality, better circulation and light with reduced operational cost, improve the occupant's health and lower emotional stress- adding to the quality of life for all occupants, therefore reducing dependency on medicine, health care and associated cost.